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COVID-19: Winoa partners with Plan International in the fight against the pandemic

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COVID-19 is the biggest and most challenging health crisis the world has faced in recent history.

Winoa has been a partner of Plan International for 12 years, supporting projects for the education and training of children and young women.

Plan International's is supporting children in vulnerable communities around the world through a network of 15,000 employees in 75 countries.

Here are some results of our 12-years partnership in India : 18 centers of professional education have opened, 7 114 young people got a job through access to professional education, 500 children got access to school, 10 600 parents were sensitized about the importance of education for girls.

We are deeply concerned by the consequences this virus will have on poorer countries with weaker health systems and social protection networks.

Already vulnerable groups, including children and especially girls, will be severely affected by the economic and social challenges that will follow COVID-19, risking losing care, education and protection.

Our experience shows that in such crises, children especially girls are affected to a greater extent. They are forced to stop going to school. The risk of violence, sexual abuse and child marriage also increases.

You can donate to help us reducing the spread of COVID-19 and protect disadvantaged communities during this crisis.

Your donation is a voluntary act, you can give the amount you want and can afford.

We are trusting Plan International as a reliable partner and we know your donation will be used for a relevant support to the local communities.

Thanks to your donation:
  • Hygiene kits with soaps will be provided;
  • Handwashing devices will be installed in schools and communities;
  • Information on best hygiene practices will be broadcast on local radio and television;
  • Educational and emotional support will be provided to children during this crisis, through support for parents and teachers.
With 20 € you offer 1 hygiene kit (1 toothbrush and toothpaste, 3 soaps, 1 bucket, 2 towels, 1 mosquito repellent lotion)
With 50 € you offer a hand washing station.
With 90 € you offer 5 hygiene kits

Thank you for your support

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